Jun 18, 2009

hyper, anyone?

Jun 17, 2009

Down by the seashore, siftin' sand

And now, I take it to the next level with instruments.

Old MacDonald had a farm...

And on his farm, there was a goat named Androoo.
(or at least one that Mommy & Daddy felt was a kindred spirit to U. Androoo)
Don't ask, he just had "the vibe".

And this is how I repay Mom...

for feeding me, changing my poopy diapers and putting up with all of my mischief....
Thanks a lot, Daph! (p.s. I'm cutting off your food supply until you say "Mom")

hey ma, look what I can reach...

he he he...now I can reach everything on the tables!

Daph...don't do it. But maaaaa....!

Jun 13, 2009

't Geertje

Today we went to 't Geertje's organic farm where we saw lots of different animals!
Then we took a nice walk to take in all of the pretty scenery.

Jun 10, 2009

Amsterdam excursion

Last Sunday, we went to Amsterdam for the afternoon!

Can you spot Daddy & Daphne?

Jun 4, 2009

Daphne the 'lil Cavewoman

Don't we all love eating a drumstick like this from time to time?

Mommy's (surprise!) B-day weekend

well, some of us thought that we were going to Maastricht for the weekend, but instead....SURPRISE! Papounet had organized a little surprise fete for Mommy, with Ollie, Haricot & Micro-P coming all the way from Cologne. Carmen, Kyle & Jules stopped by too!

The girls in the Chariot.