Jan 25, 2010

The long, long trip to Istanbul

As some may have heard, Mamma, Dada and Daphne missed their morning flight to Istanbul, due to unforeseen circumstances! The next flight was oh, around 12 hours later. How did we manage to kill so much time, you ask? At Schipol airport, it was easy!

The kid's corner which had slides and treehouses.

Walks and wanders around the airport

And lots and lots of time in the Business Class lounge.

12 hours, lots of snacks & coo-coos later, Daphne walked up and down the aisles of the airplane around 100 times, was entertained by the KLM in-flight daycare service...and didn't sleep a wink.

Blue mosque

Hooray...you can actually see the Blue Mosque!
Note the snow-covered background...

yeah, we managed to get the family Istanbul "postcard" photo!


Blue Mosque from the outside...amazing.

Sliding our way into the Mosque

Inside is just as impressive

Daph didn't understand the concept of the "fenced off" area for praying

Only that it was fun to keep crossing back and forth

Wait...there's an infidel...

oh no, it's Dada...

A Turkish lady prays

Although...I don't think most Turkish women use Paul Smith scarves to cover their heads...

Daph on the loose...

One of the few times Daph cried on the trip...
and because she wasn't allowed to sit in the fountain

This one...

well, I guess Daddy let her go in anyway

And that's all folks...!

Topkapi palace, Galata bridge dining & 5 star hotels...

And here we are at Topkapi palace...!

Only Dada would dare to take a photo of the security guard
despite all of the glaring "NO CAMERA" signs

Not much heating in the palace...

But back at the hotel, Daph finds her usual favorite spots...

- the giant bathtub!

...the giant bed!

In Istanbul, they love kids.
Daph was the star wherever we went...even under 5 layers, a blanket and a plastic cover.

While Daph was being entertained, Mama was able to secure some local sweets...very important.

ohh, another room.

Daphne & Dada at at Galata Bridge restaurant - fresh, grilled sea bass. Mmmmm!

Sadly, we had to imagine the sparkling blue waters and scenery

But the food more than made up for it!

Mama's hair apparently had "gaga" in it.

Daphne knows the importance of keeping good hygiene during travel

Room service for Daph!

And at the end of a long day, the usual Dada/Daphne cuddle on the big bed...

Normally resulting in Dada falling asleep and Daphne remaining wide awake...