Feb 22, 2010

House of balls

Daph walks her dog

Little Dutch Daphne in clogs

Daphne eats cereal with a spoon

Daph can now eat a whole bowl of cereal by herself with a spoon -
and not make a huge mess either!

Feb 12, 2010

Playing ball with Keke

Keke is a little gingerbread man stuffie that Daphne adopted from the KLM B-class lounge during our trip to Istanbul. In addition to many other qualities, he is an exceptional ball player (with a little help from Dada)

Feb 10, 2010


Daphne rakes it in on her cash machine!

Feb 4, 2010

Giddy Up Roddy

Feb 2, 2010

"Nite nite" on the couch

Daphne loves to go "nite nite" on the couch by herself

The German invasion...

Ollie, Uli, Pauline & Gabriel finally came for a visit in the Hague!

Daphne looking suspiciously at "baby Gabriel"

Gabriel is a good little baby!

Daphne seeks shelter behind her chair

Micro P is not so Micro anymore! She likes to give hugs to everyone...

Mmmm lunchtime

Picking out all of the peas

We might need to get a bigger couch with all of these kiddies...

Hangin' with Mr. Hedgehog

Feb 1, 2010

cheeky monkey

Daphne's new thing is playing tricks like her Daddy...that little sense of humor cracks me up!

Playdate with T3

Daph is loving her playdate with T3, she ate all of the snacks and even got to have a big juice-box...her dream come true. Today when I went to pick her up and told her we were going to go home, she said "NO"...gee, thanks Daph!

Mmm apple juice.

Thanks to T3 for sharing all of his toys and
to Connie (or "Conno" as Daph would say) for taking care of the kids!

3 kids

So this is what it's like to be a Mom of 3 kids...