Mar 29, 2010

The coolest thing about living in the Netherlands...

.....The Bakfiets! (otherwise known as the Boxbike). Check it out..

And with Boompa!

March flies by

The "Babaa reading tower"

So nice to see Daph smiling while near her sister!

Also happy because I turned on the TV by myself!

Maia with Tatie Mimi

Mimi, Maia & Babaa


ah...c mama!

Mar 18, 2010


Here is Maia

And now here are Maia & their first ever photo-op together!
(also featuring Babaa's arm)

Bisous, oui oui!

hey...a real live doll! Maybe a little sister is not so bad after all...

let me help you out with that "gaga",'s what sisters are for...

ok, I gave Maia a give me some coo-coos!
(just kidding)

Meanwhile, Peanut #2 has also made some progress...look how big she is getting!

Days go by @ Riouwstraat 66

Bearack still makes me happy...

Boompa & Maia cuddles

Daphne can now touch someone who is also touching Maia...hooray!

Boompa, Babaa & Maia

That's right...I'm BIGGER than everyone!

Meanwhile, Maia gets used to sleeping amidst her big sister's ruckus

Mar 8, 2010

Introducing Maïa Louise...

A few new pictures of Maïa Louise, born on March 2nd, 2010...almost 1 week old!

Mar 3, 2010