Apr 28, 2010

the toddler

Look at how big Daph is looking these days...a real toddler now!

Apr 27, 2010

hello Maia

Apr 26, 2010

Maia smiles


Daphne considered the whipped cream on the cake to be "ice-cream",
so has since been asking for "Papi...i-kreem"
(i.e. I want more of Papi's ice-cream cake!)
Here, watch the strawberries disappear before your eyes...and into Daphne's tummy.


Spring's must-have accessory: sunglasses!

Papi's big 7-0

Next week, Papi will turn the big 7-0!
We got to have a nice pre-party together here at 66 Riouwstraat.

We had our aperitif outside.

Nothing like a little "zoom zoom" to get Daph into the photos.


We had grilled pork chops...as Daphne would say "moh, piggie, moh piggie"

Here comes the cake!

A little birdie told us that J-C loves strawberries

Daphne do you want to go and have some of Papi's cake?...."Oui!"

The present!

Blowing out the candles together...

And now, for the best part...eating the strawberries off of the cake

Yes, this is how many strawberries Daphne ate....leave some for Papi, Daph!

The cake "post-Daphne"

A big fancy coffee machine to enjoy a good cafe everyday!

Happy Birthday, Papi...and many many more!

Mamie & Papi & Maia

Maia kept flashing amazing smiles at Papi -none of which, we got on camera, of course!

Isn't she getting big?

Not in the mood for photos....but Mamie looks nice!

Classic multiple baby photo...always one crying! alas...