May 26, 2010

Back in cold, grey Holland...

...we had to don our sweaters and vests again. Sigh.
To make up for the bad weather, we doodled some happy pictures with chalk in the backyard.

And inside, there was a little ray of (nearly 6 kilos!) sunshine too...

Hand in hand

this one is a keeper

May 25, 2010

Lee-ga-ba (Ladybug)

La mer jaune (the yellow sea)

Flowers for everyone


Peachy keen

And a few peachy photos of life in motion.

This is Marie-Therese, J-C's sister

The impossible task...

of taking a good photograph involving multiple small children.

1 is manageable with the help of a good camera and consecutive shooting

2, there is already always someone not looking at the camera

3, we usually start to lose everyone. No one looking at the camera, babies in motion, and/or various body parts of people trying to put the kids back into the photo

4, there is inevitably at least one or more in tears and increasing number of consoling limbs entering the photograph...

...and/or about the time when the smart ones make their escape
(look who's making a "bee-line" for the door!)

well, we're getting a little better this.
Some might remember the classic photo from last year with just Solene, Daphne & Laure.
Good thing for video!


yipee! A little surprise celebration for Mama's upcoming birthday
(oh dear, is that happening soon?!)

Dada, Daphne & Tonton the Bee

Mamie & Papi in summer hats

The usual suspects together

Marie & Laure

Sweet, a photo album from the Deneuvilles for all of the Mamarazzi photos

And a "Crumble" recipe book...mmmm!

And what's this...a cat carrier, because yes, Mamma & the girls will be getting a Chartreux kitten for X-mas 2010 courtesy of Mamie & Papi!
As Daphne would say "Neeeaow, oui!"

A rare photo of the 4 of us together. A not-so-rare photo of Daphne eating.

Family photos are not easy (more on this later)

Maia found something interesting on the ground in all of the photos.

And Daphne found something even more interesting on Dada's spoon...
mmm, Papi I-kreem, kek and chococo
(translation: papi's cake with whipped cream & chocolate)!

Merci a tous pour cette petite fete et pour tous les supers cadeaux!