Aug 23, 2010

The girls are back!

Papa & Papaya

The Sleeping Lotus

Maia practices her yoga moves while sleeping...

Sandy Hook

Classic Papa & Daph - the two family Beach bums

If you look closely, you can see Uncle Drew

There! Under the big wave...

Old military base

Mmm, American junk food

Daphne's 2nd birthday!

It's hard to say what Daph enjoyed more about her birthday:
the Peezaaa, the cake, or the presents!

USA 2010

Flying up front! Daph got her own big seat and meal!

Stickoo art on the plane. Flight attendants were pretty happy about that...

Finally made it to Montclair! A nice cold one for Maia...

Uncle Drew (a.k.a "Uncle Dickey")

At Brookdale park, Daph went out of control running everywhere. Babaa couldn't keep up.

Ahh, Merci Fx for zee good wine selection!

This is what the start of the "terrible twos" looks like...

Boompa and his best pal

Daph learned to peddle quite a bit

Babaa took great care of her granddaughters