Nov 4, 2010

The making of a good photo

Lately there have been some requests for a "good photo" of Daph & Maia together.
This is easier said than done, for a few reasons:

1) If Maia gets too close to Daph, she tries to steal her food...

...which usually results in a good photo of Maia "party of one".

2) Daph normally sits a mile away from Maia and looks at a random spot on the ground

Then Maia starts to move away...

Then Daph seeks the highest point possible that Maia can't reach

3) If I put them together, Maia inevitably "touches" Daphne,
which as we all know, is against the rules. And then the photos look something like this:

So still no "good photos" yet, but I bet they made you laugh!
You gotta love Maia's expressions in this last series.

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