Mar 7, 2011

Adventures in Sicily: Part I

Hugs in Palermo

There was a neat park where all of the kids were climbing up the roots of a giant old tree

Young little bud, old big tree

oh look, it's Daph hiding

The girls in Palermo wilderness

View from our not so organic farmhouse near San Giuseppe Jato,
the lost mountain village of Palermo

Maia loved the stairs in our, not so much.

Some people are more bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6am in the morning.
(Behind that door, Papa sleeps)

Always looking up to big sis

Artisanal pizza in the quaint little town of Monreale
(Papa, please share that big piece)

Now now, try not to look so happy everyone..

Maia had a permanent piece of pizza crust sticking out of her mouth during the trip.
It looked something like this:

We escaped to Mondello...a lonely Dutchman sits on the beach.

Unattractive plastic playground on the beach = a Godsend for the parents.

They stayed in it for hours.

Therefore we were able to enjoy a few minutes of peace in the sun.

After Mondello, we said Basta to the rainy mountain house
and moved to beautiful, sunny Cefalu.

Looks like a postcard, doesn't it?

The kids love love love the beach.
Especially all of the random litter they found in it.
Garbage removal was not a strong suit of the Italians, we found.

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