May 30, 2011

New jammies!

As everyone knows, we cannot live without the 1 piece Carters Pajammies here at Duinweg 17A. Best sleepwear ever! The girls are growing fast but luckily Babaa sent some new jammies for the summer. 

Daph & Dino the Dinosaur (she loves it!)

Maia the Bee in yellow.
Buzzing around outside after dinner.

Nemo Science Museum

Yesterday we took a big happy family trip to the Nemo Science Museum in Amsterdam.

Daph, Mom & Coco crossing the draw-bridge to the get to the museum.
Sadly, this is also one of Coco's final appearances as with a big gust of wind, she leapt into the Amsterdam canal featured in the background. And was not recovered despite all of Papa's valiant search & rescue efforts.

Maia working on some construction site.

You really wonder sometimes who has more fun at these museums: the kids or the Dad.

What are they all staring at you ask?
This giant robot lady: no, not scary at all. 

Testing out the phones
If only they were always like this.
And let's just leave you with this nice peaceful picture,
which was not exactly the state in which they arrived home!

Big sister, Little sister

May 24, 2011

The Wheelbarrow (la Brouette)

Maia got an adorable Vilac wheelbarrow for her 1st birthday from Mamie & Papi
The girls have been lots of fun playing with it together!
And, I must say that it looks quite fitting in our backyard, don't you think?

Now Maia takes the reins!

Yes! She can do it herself!

Merci Mamie et Papi!

The Step Stool

Papa made a super neat step stool which was meant for Daph to use to go to the toilet & wash her hands, but which they just play with all day long! Only problem is that there is only one stool for two little girls

Doudou headpiece.

Daphne's Tats

Daph got some slick Bambi tattoos to show off for the summer season.

As you can imagine, we had a lot of fun doing these. But thank goodness they're not permanent!