Nov 14, 2011

Pretty in pink

A lot of people ask if Maia is a boy, but there's no mistaking the answer in these pictures:
head to toe in pink pink pink!

Too bad there are no pink Eames chairs...

Sleeping cows

In sync

Nov 6, 2011

In the big tub!

The girls don't often take a bath in the big tube because it takes about a gallon of water to fill, but tonight they made a special request and as you can see, they had some fun:

Saturday Night!

Not at all overly excited right before bedtime...

Nov 1, 2011

After work airplane

Nothing like a little after work aerial excitement with Papa.
Getting geared up

Weeeeeeeee! (Papa: "Man these kids are getting big!"

Lap size

Fuzz does not discriminate.

friends forever

Does anybody remember this post from a year ago
when I tried to take pictures of Daphne & Maia together?
And now look. Progress, my friends, progress.

Our specialty: playing where we shouldn't

Does this look like somewhere we should be?!
It's the shed full of tools and stuff and also known as Daphne & Maia's "new house".

Autumn fun in the garden