Mar 27, 2012

Mar 23, 2012

More fun on the 2 wheeler with Daphne!

She can more or less "stop" by herself now!
Sometimes by back-peddling, sometimes with her feet...and sometimes by crashing into the Boxbike :-)
Sorry for the bumpy filming, but I can't keep up with her anymore!

Maia on the balance bike

Mar 21, 2012

Sister slide

One of my favorite things is when the girls go down the slide together at the playground. It's so cute!

Daphne rides her bike by herself

Now Daphne can ride her bike by herself! 
We're still working on the starting and stopping though :-)
Check out the little biker...

Daphne's 1st time riding her bike

Now that Maia is going strong on the balance bike, Daphne is learning to ride a real 2-wheeler. 
Here's one of her first wobbly rides with Boompa:

The sisters are getting big

It's been a while since I took pictures of these little girls together...

Boompa takes Daphne to school

Daphne got the special treat of having Boompa take her to school while he was visiting!

Maia gets a new scooter

Maia got a new scooter for her 2nd birthday from Boompa & Baba...
the same one as Daphne, but in PINK, by request! She's already off to a smooth start!

Sticker mania

Daphne & Maia got the sticker collection of their lives from Babaa...My Little Pony, Dora and Disney...
That could lead to a sticker heart-attack! 
Thanks Baba!

Maia's 2nd birthday!

As Maia's real birthday took place while we were on vacation in Austria, we had a "Penguin"-themed birthday party for here with her little buddies when we got back.
Pingu, Maia's favorite. And even better if he's edible.

Excited to see her cake with Davis

"The Aftermath"...was a really nice party and Maia was so happy.
Thanks for coming everyone!