Apr 19, 2012

Fuzz's new Veterinarian

Look out Papi, there's a new Veterinarian in town!
Daphne is following in her French Grandpa's footsteps
and making sure that the household pets are in excellent health!
Lots of vaccines...

It's always good to take the temperature from several different areas!

Sleepytime Stars: Week 2!

Girls have finally completed Week 2 of their Sleepytime Star charts (our little rewards system, which I blogged about here) so are looking forward to Papa coming home so they can go out and get their reward (a sweet treat = ice cream!!)

Apr 18, 2012

Ballet etc...

Just a little morning ballet/kung-fu/shoe sampling. 

Our first mail from Hungary!

Today the girls received their first ever card from Budapest! As you can see, they were quite excited.
Gabby sent them a Winnie the Poo card (favorite) + Hello Kitty Necklaces & bracelets (another favorite) = what a special treat! A girl can never have too much jewelry! 

Thanks so much for thinking of us Baggy, we miss you lots! 


The one thing that Daphne has never wanted to share is her special step stool made for her by her Dad.
Today she let Maia share the "little step"which was a big step forward (no pun intended!)

Some biking candids

Summer dresses

We're decided to bust out with the summer dresses, despite the freezing temperatures for fear that the girls will grown out of them while we are waiting for summer to arrive.
Not to worry as we know all about layering here in the Netherlands!

We're famous!

Yes indeed, our 15 minutes of fame has arrived!
Just an ordinary day biking along the beaten path...but with an extraordinary entourage of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands and his bodyguard, captured by the Dutch paparazzi.
Who will win the race to the Parliament...Team Red or Team Orange?!

Spring was here...for a day!