May 19, 2012

Just another weekend

Usual weekend scene...nuts & bolts for breakfast.
Taking a rest on stacks of Eames shells
Little fairies riding tricycles
White spirits and rust products for dinner...
Happy weekend everyone!

summer dresses!

The Girls were excited to try on their new summer dresses from Baba that we got in the mail!
Not quite summer yet, but got us into the summer spirit.
Funnily enough, their shoes match their dresses (see last photo).
Daphne looking all grown up
Thanks Baba for thinking of us!

(Almost) Birthday Girl

Daphne loves her new "Birthday Girl" t-shirt...coming up pretty soon!
going on day 3 of wearing and we finally had to wash it :-)


Daphne found a little snail in the garden and wanted to keep it as a pet...
but we let it go after a couple of hours!

Shades of Gray

May 7, 2012

Happy Birthday to you Boompa!

Happy Birthday Boompa! We love you and miss you, hope you have a great day!

May 4, 2012

The Great Balance Bike Race

Maia & Davis go head to head in the great balance bike race!

Papi's birthday 2012

No Papi is not 2 years old...there are actually 7 candles + a 2 candle!
Joyeux Anniversaire Papi!

Cuddles on the couch

Silly silly

Maia is turning out to be quite the ham.

Sitting pretty


I sometimes wonder why we bother with beds...

(Daphne napping on a mattress on the floor)
(Maia found a comfortable spot to snooze on the floor)
(Pretend sleeping on the couch)