Sep 28, 2012

The silly wall of Montclair

Lots of un-posted photos from a great time in Montclair this summer. 
Here are a few to begin with, more to come!!


It's getting chilly over here, and it's time for autumn & winter clothes and boots!

Sep 26, 2012

More knots and booby traps

In case you are wondering what on earth this contraption's a ladybug ride-on toy to which Daphne affixed multiple knots, various trinkets and naturally, a bunch of balloons.
Another random death trap in the kitchen
(Scarf tied from her chair to an opposing drawer)
All I say is: "Watch your step, folks!"

The Pulley

One of the neatest parts about the park near us is this "Pulley" ride. In fact, it's one of the few things you can actually go on as an adult and have fun too (without breaking it). The girls used to be a little nervous to go on this, but no longer...and especially not with Papa egging them on! 

Papa adds a new dimension to the game...out-chasing the pulley-rider!
Taking a breather before the next competition

Forts & Booby Traps

The latest trend around Duinweg 17A is forts and booby traps. As in, they are all over the place!
Daphne is making knots and tying them right where you might least expect it. 
Note that this particular "string of strings" spans the entire width of the living room...yikes!

A small "house" for Maia behind the couch
Look closer and...
There she is! 
The proud architect (the best part of building the fort is manning the entry hole...!)

Papa, the school chaffeur

Papa had the rare chance of being the school chauffeur yesterday!
He thought it was so much fun that he's ready to quit his day job to take on this duty full time...uh oh...!

Sep 20, 2012

Maia goes to pre-school

Maia has started going to Red Fish Blue Fish Pre-School. After a little bit of hard time in the beginning, she is now doing a great job on her and the teachers have all said how good she is. Yay! 

Maia and her buddy Davis enjoying a treat after being really good girls at school!
But sometimes pre-school tires us out and we fall asleep on the living room floor :-) 
Good job Maia!