Oct 19, 2012

Maia's wall of projects

Maia is accumulating lots of cool projects she's done at school! 

Arm chairs

After a few falls, the Tipi has been displaced to the playroom.
The girls are now working on trying not to destroy the Eames armchairs.

Daphne's school Halloween party

Daphne has her Halloween party at French school today!
As one of the few part-American families, we signed up to bake a "Halloween"-themed cake.
All the kids got to dress up in their costumes and of course, Daph decided to be a cat. Meeeow!
Wouldn't be Halloween without candy corn! 

Oct 11, 2012

Fall is in the air

Autumn is officially here...there's a chill in the air! 

More forts

It's there on the right side, you have to look closely.


Some pre-Halloween fun going on over here.
Maia is going to be a lovely cheerleader garbed in a fantastic highly flammable 100% polyester USA cheerleader dress. She's been wearing it 3 days in a row and Halloween is still weeks away, rah rah!