Sep 23, 2013

Sep 21, 2013

World's tiniest snail + other snippets

Pre-gymnastics class Maia wearing her Harvard Business School t-shirt
Daphne made a fort for the world's tiniest snail.
He looks normal sized here but...
To put it in perspective, this is how big he looked in Daphne's hand
Sadly he escaped the fort the next day! 
Some pre-party fun with Maia the butterfly

Sep 18, 2013

Prince's Day & Scenes from Fall

Funny masks from Prinsesdag
First pears from our tree
Preparing the pears & apples for our crumble!
Badminton in the yard, it's still a bit difficult but the girls love it! (Merci tatie mimi!)
Ok it totally looks like Daphne wacked Maia with her racket but not to worry,
that's just an optical illusion!