Oct 24, 2013

When small children taste fine Vietnamese chocolate...

Having a really nice visit from Sam whilst on his European chocolate tour...
needless to say, it's easy to make (little & big) friends when you come bearing chocolate :-)

Backyard cleaners

Oct 21, 2013

Organic Apple Picking!

We went apple picking at the organic farm this weekend
came home with 16 kilos of delicious organic Jonah Gold and Santanas...mmm apples for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Tiny gangsters

Oct 17, 2013

Passport photos

When you try to make your own passport photos...


In case you couldn't tell, we like cats in this family...

Daphne & Maia sing in French

Seriously, how cute is this...

Basic lyrics in English: "Little snail, little snail has its house on top of its back.
As soon as it rains, he gets all happy and pops his head out and says "Coucou!""

Oct 11, 2013

Recent snippets from Daphne's camera

Waiting at the IND (Immigration)
Party pics, courtesy Daphne
More classic Maia
Classic "take a picture of myself in the mirror" pic...
Pauline & Gabriel
Hopsen at the trampolines
Lunch at Simonis
Our Jack-o-lanterns for Halloween!