Jan 31, 2014

1 week old

Time flies with 3 kids!
The baby of the family...
Sue, we're still using your gorgeous knit blanket...
luckily we've never had to change the colors :-) 

Hello Camille!

Camille Marthe was born on January 22nd at 3am, the sweetest, most peaceful little being.
Camille is pronounced "Ka-Mee" in French and "Ka-MeeL" in English.
Weight: 3.3 Kilos & Height: 53 cms
The "Elders", Daphne & Maia are already great big sisters to the new little bub. 
Daph, the old pro
Proud big sister wearing her new dress from the baby!
Sweet Camille
Happy & blessed to be a Mom of three beautiful healthy children!
(picture taken by Papa the day after!)

Jan 21, 2014

Maia's Pox

Maia's chicken pox...Day 1...no spots yet, just feverish and cuddles with Fuzz
Day 2...little dots
Day 3...big mean red spots everywhere!
But the oatmeal bath felt good, especially for the itchy head!
Still spotty but feeling better...finally some smiles
Glad that's over and done with...Maia and Daph were both troopers with their pox!

Christmas/New Years 2013/14

Rudolf the red-nosed reindeers
Playing hairdresser with the new hairdresser kit
More presents!
Kiki puzzle from Uncle Drew...at 6am in the morning.
Foozball competition
Movie time with Boompa & Baba
More presents!
The highlight...painting Mamie's face!
The foozball tournament continues
More hairdressing
Chickenpox Daphne...round 1
New craft table built by Papa!
Happy New Year 2014 everyone.