Mar 26, 2014

side by side

the life of a 3rd child

the sillies
doting big sisters
well, we can't say that the littlest one is not loved...

Day off

French school was closed for two days due to the Nuclear Summit in the Hague.
So the kids had fun doing some chalk art in the back yard (amongst other shenanigans)! 
And so did Mom...
And some double-decker tricycling...

Mar 21, 2014

Mamarazzi is at it again

You'd think that Mamarazzi would tire of taking photos the 3rd time around...but no!
Who can resist this little peanut...when she's not crying, that is.
teeny weeny little shrimp legs

Mar 18, 2014

Day in the life

That's about what i do on a daily basis folks!

8 weeks old

And full of smiles...