Apr 18, 2014


The Elders hovering
More hovering
In my Pirate jammies from Boompa & Baba!


Sweet Cam in stripes
Daphne's easter card for Mama & Papa
haha, maia is silly.

swimming pool

In recent adventures, we woke up to a "swimming pool" in our basement 2 days ago...
The kids loved it...the parents, a little bit less.

Apr 13, 2014

Maia the giraffe

Today Maia was all geared up to go to her friend Monica's birthday party. And when she got there, we realized that the party was...yesterday. Due to an unfortunately calendar error on the part of yours truly.
So we had to make up for it by doing face paints at home, which was one of the activities that had been planned for the party. Luckily Maia was pleased with the home paint job!


I love this series. 

the big sisters are so big now

Is it just me, or do they look huge?!

Apr 11, 2014

today, i decided to get dressed

Normally every day is Pajama day for me, but today...i decided to get dressed!
Wearing my new duds handmade by lovely and talented french mum friends.

snail soup & bottles

Daphne and Maia made a delicious looking snail soup..very french.
Bottle time with Papa..
...and Daphne...
...and Maia...
In fact, it's a family affair!

tummy time

the Elders head off to school...
And i work on lifting my head...
what's the expression.. soft as a baby's bottom?
And...they're back!