May 30, 2014

you know you're a 3rd child when...

1/ you fall asleep in the middle of the living room
2/ You fall asleep amidst the chaos of preparing for "crazy hair day" at school...
....3/ you continue to sleep through smothering and smooches from your big sisters!

4 months onwards and upwards

Sweet little Cam is 4 months + 1 week!
Sooo sweet and brings us so much joy!

Snippets of spring

Creepy baby spider infestation in the backyard...
the kids were fascinated.
Daphne's original lego construction featuring Papa going to work with his briefcase and top-hat.
3 kids in a tent.
Lots of stripes
Getting strong...!

May 14, 2014

bam here i am

now i've decided to stop growing up and only out..

Silly sausages

One of these days Maia's face is going to get stuck like that...
Daphne feeding her doudouf

pink pink pink

there's pink. And then there's pink. 
As much as I'm fed up with pink, it suits sweet Camille, don't you think?

And they say the bath is supposed to calm them down..


May 12, 2014

Camille's new tricks

Sweet little Cam is up to a lot of exciting new things these days. Such as...
Nibbling her fingers and hands.
Blowing air bubbles
And putting lots of stuff in her mouth to the delight of her older sisters
Daphne: "But..she's eating my doudou! hihihihi...!"..shrieks of laughter.
mmm these ears sure are tasty!

And...a freezer stocked with Mama's milk to keep her going strong!